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The federal documents case also has been delayed by Trump's legal challenges. The federal election-subversion case is on hold pending Supreme Court review, while another election-subversion case in Georgia was delayed for months due to questions about whether the prosecutor's romantic relationship with another lawyer posed a conflict of interest.

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"Republican voters don't seem to be fazed by his legal problems, but independents and unaffiliated voters may be impacted by the proceedings and ultimately whether or not there´s a conviction," said Jeanette Hoffman, a Republican consultant.

Trump also faces two criminal trials accusing him of trying to subvert his 2020 election loss to Biden, and another that accuses him of mishandling classified information after he left the White House in 2021.

(Writing by Andy Sullivan; Editing by Howard Goller) "The court actions today will not hurt the Trump campaign as much as many think, because Trump has mastered the art of earned media and has dominated the news for the past few months - even though he has largely been off the campaign trail," said Brian Darling, a Republican strategist.

In the New York hush money case, Trump's lawyers won a few extra weeks to sort through evidence provided to the state by federal prosecutors who opted not to file charges after investigating Trump's payment to Daniels.

March 25 (Reuters) - A New York judge's decision on Monday to set an April 15 trial date for Donald Trump's criminal hush-money case ups the odds the former president will face at least one verdict that could complicate his bid to retake the White House on Nov.

But Republican voters rallied behind Trump when the hush-money charges were filed a year ago, and opinion polls show him essentially tied with Biden at this point. president, let alone one running for election again, has ever faced criminal charges.

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